Who is Captain Rush? And is he promoting poppers? Controversy erupts over an upcoming 'Avengers' storyline. Is Marvel's Epic coming to an end? What's CrossGen's next creative move? A look at Andy Diggle and Enrique Breccia's upcoming 'Swamp Thing' and much more.

Issue #4

James assembles his street team for some serious guerilla warfare. They take to the streets with comics specially chosen for each location they've chosen. Have they succeeded? Did the comics get picked up and read? Read on.

Issue #22

The Open Your Mouth staff conducts a very different interview. Whereas in the past we've interviewed the creators, this time we're interviewing the stars. Our subject this week? Those hopefuls trying to make the team in Todd Nauck's 'Wildguard.'

Issue #106

So, you want to break in to comics as a writer. How do you do it? Steven revisits this subject with some new caveats. Plus, a look at story decompression in today's comics, the fall TV season, reviews and more.

Pipeline, Issue #329

CrossGen isn't dead yet, but the dream that it represents sure is. Augie explains that this week, along with a review of Rick Geary's latest Victorian Murder book.

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