Issue #5

A very special guest columnist sits in for Mark Millar this week and makes the very bold statement, 'Why new Marvel sucks ass!"

Happily Ever After: Bill Willingham talks 'Fables'

[Fables]Bill Willingham talks about 'Fables,' the Vertigo series that looks at what's happened to our favorite fairy tale characters. What's the series about, what's coming next and is he comfortable with the book being called the next 'Sandman?'

Issue #29

Matt takes a look at 'The Playboy,' 'Copybook Tales,' 'Box Office Poison,' 'The Dreamer,' 'Hicksville,' 'Cages' and others as he looks for the 'self-reflexive' comic.

Talking the animated short film 'Major Damage,' how the floods in Prague affected 'The League' and 'Hellboy' productions, what's next for 'Lady Death' post bankruptcy, 'Mort The Dead Teenager,' 'X-Men 2' news and much more.

Issue #49

The world of comics becoming films and the challenges facing character owners with Hollywood deals, saying goodbye to Chaos!, and reviews of 'The Pro,' 'Bigger Dicks,' 'Rex Mundi' and more.

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