Pipeline, Issue #349

'Sleeper' gets rave critical reviews all across the internet. Augie sat down with the entire series this weekend and shares his thoughts on the book that made many Best Of lists last year. Also, a look at this week's latest CrossGen offering, 'Abadazad.'

A new creator owned book coming from Garth Ennis, some updates on the CrossGen financial situation and the cancellation of 'Brath,' Mark Millar's 'Unfunnies' update, manga translators and much more. Updated February 18th with news on 'Astonishing X-Men,' 'Catwoman: Roman Holiday' and Warren Ellis on 'Ultimate Fantastic Four.'

Issue #22

James sets the Valentine mood with a look at a selection of great romance comics with varying degrees of sweet and sour. Books include 'Preacher,' 'Jinx,' 'Love Hina,' 'Blankets,' 'Kill Your Boyfriend,' 'Marmalade Boy,' 'True Story Swear To God,' 'Ultimate Spider-Man' and 'Clumsy.' Plus, follow-up to last week's column on the YASLA Library list.

Damon Hurd's very own 'White Elephant'

'My Uncle Jeff' author Damon Hurd talks about his next project, 'The White Elephant,' a personal story of loss and lament told as a stage play in the pages of an original graphic novel. Includes a five page preview of the book shipping this May.

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