PREVIEW: "Thor" #80 & #81

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with a five-page look at "Thor" issues #80 and #81, the beginning of the first story arc by the incoming creative team of Michael Oeming and Andrea DiVito.

More fall out from the Micah Wright revelation, more CrossGen losses, another CompGate, a Wizard gaffe, Tony Moore's next project with B. Clay Moore, a couple of new Steve Niles projects and much more.

Micah Wright Comes Clean, Ranger Story a Hoax

Writer Micah Wright has revealed that his claims of being an Army Ranger were all part of an on-going hoax in a statement released yesterday. The Washington Post also revealed the hoax story, with news on some of Wright's upcoming projects. Plus, fallout from the announcement since Saturday. Updated 5:30 PM Washington Post reporter Richard Leiby contacted CBR News to counter some of Wright's claims.

Issue #33

James sits down for a chat with the International Comic Arts Association's Executive Director Erik Enervold to find out more about this new comics trade organization.

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