SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: CBR's Photo Parade

[Hulk Smash]Loads of pictures from the first full day of Comic-Con International featuring an assortment of creators, booth photos and numerous attendees in costume (some pictures not for those with weak consitutions).

Issue #26

Matt's 'Big Hat' moves forward. Are comics cool? Thought's on Eddie Campbell's 'Alec.' And Matt needs someone needs to explain the fascination with those retro books like 'Transformers' and 'G.I. Joe.'

Joe Casey Interview

[Joe Casey Interview]In this Real Audio interview we talk with writer Joe Casey. He discusses those that he writes like 'Kiss,' and 'Adventures of Superman' and shares his thoughts on a wide variety of topics affecting the industry. In addition to hearing Joe's comments you'll also get to hear him sing! Hear two tracks from his band's upcoming album. A CBR exclusive! Plus new pages from the upcoming 'Monolith.'

The latest news on William Tucci's 'Shi' film, more from Mike Allred's 'G-Men From Hell,' 'Hellboy' gets a movie poster and so can you, early 'X2' images, putting the rumors to bed on 'Batman vs. Superman' and much, much more.

Issue #46

The saga of an 'X-Men Unlimited' story, where you can find Steven Grant at Comic-Con International in San Diego and some concluding messages on recent discussions.

Pipeline, Issue #268

Augie takes a special advanced look at the first issue of Waid and Wieringo's 'Fantastic Four.' Also, planning ahead for San Diego and a look at comic book commentary tracks.

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