The success of the 'Daredevil' movie has affected a number of other comics headed to the film, the fallout from DC's editorial restructuring, CrossGen toys coming soon, news on upcoming DC reprints, plus many more comic rumors and as an added bonus, photos from this weekend's peace march in London.

Ben Affleck, Man Without Fear, Part 2

[Daredevil]Continuing from part one of our talk with Ben Affleck, the actors talks about his co-stars, his personal relationship with Jennifer Lopez, what he thinks of the paparazzi and the worries of over-exposure in his career.

Issue #23

Earler this week there was an editorial shake-up at DC Comics which causes Mark to have a very odd dream wherein he finds himself as president and publisher of DC Comics. What would the DC Universe look like with him in charge?

Behind the mask, Ben Affleck talks 'Daredevil,' Part 1

[Daredevil]The star of the latest comic to jump to the big screen discusses what it was like playing a blind person, the grueling schedule working on 'Daredevil,' his feelings about Kevin Smith, and comments on the departure the film takes from the comics in terms of tone and story.

Rob gives you the latest film plans for the upcoming Image comic 'Shadows,' plus a plethora of 'Daredevil' coverage including a look at the first flaming billboard, a preview of the new 'X-Men 2' trailer, 8 Academy Award nominations for comic films this year and much more!

Issue #74

Steven takes a look at a variety of comics, like Matt Fraction's 'Mantooth,' 'In Search of Monkeysuit' and the book he calls really great, 'Chiaroscuro.' Plus, an Alternative Press Expo report, thoughts on Powell's speech to the U.N. and much more.

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