DeCarlo loses to Archie again in "Sabrina" countersuit, Carla Speed McNeil gives her Eisner-nominated comic away, Geoff Johns offers some "Flash" facts

Issue #18

This week, ol' Lar reminds you that there are human faces behind your superhuman adventures.

Pipeline2, Issue #98

A look at Mike Wieringo's first issue of 'Adventures of Superman' leads a lineup of reviews including 'Ministry of Space,' 'Young Justice,' and more.

The rise and fall and rise of "Empire," would an "Alias" by any other name smell as sweet, Marvel flirts with breaking up with the CCA

Issue #93

A rose by any other name... saves nine? Huh? What's this got to do with Darwin and comics?

Jay Stephens talks about the "Tutenstein" animated show. Progress on "Iron Fist" and "From Hell". No progress for "Light and Darkness" and "The Black Pearl". Spider-man, Batman, more!

Bendis' "Alias" kicks off Marvel Comics mature readers line, "Too Much Coffee Man" gets super-sized

Issue #17

This week we see exactly why Larry loves comics and how the "new deal" comes to the forefront. And no mention of the winner of "Survivor," because, frankly, Lar's a little steamed Elisabeth got voted off so soon.

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