Heroes Helping Heroes: Cebulski talks "Loners"

In 2007, the teen heroes of the Marvel U will see their numbers expand. Spinning out from "Runaways," "Loners" is a new mini-series featuring the members of "Excelsior," a self help team for teen superheroes. CBR News spoke with writer C.B. Cebulski about the series.

Spider-Man's Back in Black in February

In February, 2007, following the events of "Civil War," Spider-Man will once again don the black costume. What's this all mean? Is it the return of symbiont? We spoke with editor Axel Alonso for more.

On the Run: Joss Whedon Takes Over "Runaways"

It's the end of an era for "Runaways" fans when series creators Vaughan and Alphona leave the book. In April, a new era begins as Joss Whedon and artist Michael Ryan take over the title. We spoke with Whedon about his plans.

The week passes muster -- barely -- with "Hero Squared," "Noble Causes" and some of the very few books Marvel managed to get out, but it's not pretty.

It's a busy week as Rich has an update on the Dabels/Marvel deal, questions about the origin of Pat Lee's "Cyberforce" art, possibly stolen comics end up on eBay, the "Truth" from big tobacco, the swipe file and more in this week's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

Cup of Joe @ Baltimore Comicon: Waiting For Monday

Joe Quesada and Tom Brevoort stopped off at the Baltimore Comic-Con with hints of things to come. Covered at the panel was the status of "Ultimates" 3 and 4, Joss Whedon with post-"Astonishing X-Men" work, Quesada's most sought-after authors and much more.

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