Rich brings ya the latest juicy bits from around the industry with some notes about 'Stormwatch' and 'The Authority,' what happens next with Chaos! having closed up shop, Jimmy Palmiotti on the big screen, the latest on 'Superman/Rocketeer' and much more.

Pipeline2, Issue #163

Earthworm Jim's creator, Doug TenNapel, has a new graphic novel due out next month from Top Shelf called 'Creature Tech.' Augie takes a look at it today and likes what he sees. Plus, some recommendations from the comic shops this week.

'Fade From Blue,' the little indie that could

[Fade From Blue]Creator Myatt Murphy talks about his latest comic 'Fade From Blue' that tells the story of four half-sisters who share a dangerous past that dramatically affect their futures. Plus, a seven page preview introducing you to the book.

Issue #4

Mark's tracked down one of the most shocking instances of comic erotica online and let this be your warning: adult content inside!

Issue #28

Matt dabbles in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Who's he writing this for? Find out in today's Poplife.

The skinny on seasons 2 and 3 of 'Witchblade,' what's happening with 'Batman vs. Superman,' is another 'Mask' sequel in the works and the latest on Marvel's movie plans.

Issue #48

Steven shares his impressions and experiences at Comic-Con International 2002, the deal with his weight and the 'October Surprise.'

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