The Edge of 2002: Heidi MacDonald on the Year in Vertigo

[Midnight, Mass]DC/Vertigo editor Heidi MacDonald looks back at the wins and losses of 2001, gives her pick from her books of 2002 and gives a peek into the forthcoming "Midnight, Mass." and what readers can expect in 2002 in "Hunter." UPDATED 1-28-02 with preview images from "Fight for Tomorrow."

Wonder Man: Phil Jimenez talks 'Wonder Woman'

[Wonder Woman]'Wonder Woman' writer/artist Phil Jimenez talks in-depth about the future of Wonder Woman and his future on the title, Diana's virginity, the new 'Justice League' cartoon and you might even find out what's on Phil's DVD shelf.

Issue #18

A look at the exciting week Warren Ellis had, 'Funky Comics,' plus a full update on some exciting projects Steven Grant is working on in 2002.

Lots of film news this week with the latest on Straczynski's 'Jeremiah,' 'Fathom' and 'Magdalena' news from Top Cow, 'Daredevil,' 'Elektra,' 'Volcanic Revolver' and much more.

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