PCR Extra, Issue 6

PCR EXTRA Augie reviews a hodge podge of titles that came out last week, including 'Young Justice,' 'Daredevil/Spider-Man,' 'The Punisher/Painkiller Jane', 'Nightwing', 'Rising Stars,' and more!

Jim Starlin returns to known space, Doselle Young and the future of "Monarchy," Marvel announces a new Masterwork

This week C2F talks with producer Barry Levine about Gipsy, Shadowman and Damage Control. Also: hot scoops on Spider-Man, Iron Fist and SpyBoy! Much, much more!

Kurt Busiek returns to 'Astro City,' Stuart Moore heads for the stars with 'Zendra,' Brevoort talks Marvel titles

PCR Extra, Issue #5

PCR EXTRA Augie just had too many books to review on Tuesday, so here are the rest of them. Plus, more musings on the Trade Paperback Economy.

UPDATED Millar, Quitely quit 'The Authority,' Marvel names Casey and Morrison as X-Writers, Kieth returns to square zero, Rozanski on Diamond investigation's end, preview: 'Zero Girl' #1

The latest news from Hollywood on The 7th Portal and The Books of Magic. Also: Ah-nuld returns to Conan, Malkovich avoids Spider-Man, Aronofsky talks Batman and more!

Issue #67

Steven starts "There's a rumor going around that there are no bad characters, just bad talent." Is that the case? Steven examines this idea and gives some examples.

COMIC WIRE EXTRA! Superman editor Berganza on Lex 2000 campaign

Pipeline, Issue #179

There's news on a second X-Men DVD. There's a thought on trade paperbacks and their impact on the direct market. And there's also a half-dozen reviews of books from the past week. This Pipeline has it all!

Brian Azzarello on 'El Diablo,' Los Bros Hernandez reunite for 'Love & Rockets' Vol. II, Whatever Happened to Marvel Masterworks, Phil Foglio invents 'Girl Genius,' Chuck Dixon on 'Robin: Year One,' Richard Moore works the 'Boneyard' shift, singing 'The Ballad of Utopia'

COMIC WIRE EXTRA!!! Original 'Big Town' script to be posted online

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