Pipeline, Issue #183

It's reviews intermixed with commentary: 'Sleeping Dragons', 'Birds of Prey', and the movie 'Unbreakable' get reviewed amidst thoughts on trade paperbacks and missing comics.

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Pierce the veil of insanity and look into the eyes of the Old Ones in this week's YABS! PLUS, we announce the winners of our YABS month contest!

Buddy Scalera gets professional with 'Deadpool,' things get weird on the 'Private Beach', Acclaim Comics dies again (maybe), Big Easy Comic-Con cancelled, previews: 'Deadpool' #49, 'Private Beach' #1

Pipeline2, Issue #75

Pipeline takes a look through the latest PREVIEWS, for items shipping in February. What's coming out? What isn't? And why is Diamond soliciting panties?!?

Original art stolen in Marvel break-in, Ennis/McCrea/Fabry on Spider-Man in 2001, more 'Hidden Years' from Byrne, preview: 'Zendra' #1

Like Marvel Movies? Would you believe Deathlok? How about Tales of the Zombie? Hulk, Iron Fist, Spider-Man and X-Men! Don't forget Blade.

Issue #70

Steven Grant reacts to the cancellation of X-Man and shares a bit of back story on the decision. You might find yourself surprised by his reactions.

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YABS CLASSIC! The True Story of the greatest band in the entire Marvel Universe is finally revealed in this week's YABS!

Kurt Busiek and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Faerber talks Titans, preview: 'El Diablo' #1

Issue #49

Warren shares the story of his adventures getting to a party for Garth Ennis in Ireland and what happens upon his arrival.

Ennis and Weston go behind enemy lines, Marvel announces X-cuts, Gene Colan dons the Mantle of the Bat, previews: "Enemy Ace: War in Heaven," "Codeflesh"

Issue #69

The job of adapting novels and movies to the comic format isn't as easy as you might think and Steven shares his first hand experience.

Pipeline, Issue #181

Augie looks at Marvel's output last week (including 'Big Town,' 'Thunderbolts,' and 'Captain America'), as well as Image's 'Spawn #100', and what that has to say for Image as a whole.

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Are aliens taking your job, dating your daughter, or moving in next door? Well, this week's YABS shares your pain!

Spider-Man gets his Goblin (and more casting news)! The Tick goes into production! Part II of our interview with Bary Levine and much, much more!

Loeb on President Luthor and the Hangman, Quesada talks to fans, Casey and Young double team on "Double Image," Matt Wagner works his magic on "Green Arrow" and Ultimate Marvel team-up, Madureira mad over "Superman" changes, previews: "Superman" #166, "The Bod"

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