Issue #91

Why is Gorilla Comics like Bugsy Siegel, besides they're both dead? The answer this week, in MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS

Ghost Rider back in the fast lane, Michael Chabon's comic book odyssey, "Hawkman" flies out of "JSA," Comic-Con International buys WonderCon

Issue #15

This week, Larry stuns the comic book world by publicly proclaiming his deep-seated and long-standing love for Marvel. The heavens shall be rent asunder! Plus, a modest proposal.

Golden Age Comics novel wins Pulitzer, Gorilla extinct, Medley leaves Cartoon Books

Issue #90

Front man for "The Ramones" Joey Ramone died. So what's that got to do with us? Find out in today's Master of the Obvious.

G-Men get thumbs up. Ghost Rider, Zen, Barbarella and Death make progress. Mr. Monster hunts for a deal. More!

"B.C" serves up controversy for Easter dinner, Colleen Doran talks sexy (comics), the letter that saved "Spider-Girl"

Issue #14

A dash of this, a pinch of that, let simmer, stirring occasionally; this is the recipe for Larry's latest ruminations.

Jim Lee brings EverQuest to comics, Jeff Nicholson's "Colonia" returns, Orion goes to war

David Quinn reviews the Faust movie. Green Goblin shows his face. Lee and Hayter talk Hulk. Tick, Deadman and more!

Issue #89

It's good news week! Comics ARE the cultural mainstream, and the Master will tell you why...

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