DC PREVIEWS: Spirits, Batmen and Supergirls

DC Comics has provided CBR News with advance looks at several upcoming issues of some of their most exciting series. We've got full-color previews of "Batman" #661, "The Spirit" #2, and "Supergirl & The Legion Of Super-Heroes" #25.

The CBR Year End Round-Up: Trends, Part One

Four of CBR's regular news writers get together to discuss the trends in the comic industry over the past year. Cross-overs, multiple covers, top talent reviving B-grade characters, fanboy entitlement and much more in part one of our four part year end round up.

STUDIO TOURS: Writer/Artist Rick Remender

Rick Remender invites us into his just moved into home studio in Portland, Oregon, giving some insight into the working environment of the writer behind "Fear Agent" and "Strange Girl" and the artist behind "The Last Christmas."

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