The 52 Steps Addendum: "52" @ Pittsburgh

This past weekend at Pittsburgh Comicon, artists Pat Olliffe and Rob Stull talked about their work on "52," how editorial changes affected their work, the massive contribution of Keith Giffen and more.

Pipeline, Issue #516

Augie files an abbreviated column this week due to his getting married and all, but still manages an advance review of Boom!'s "Mr Stuffins" #1. Plus, Jonah Weiland steps in to review Augie's wedding (seriously) with a CBR Photo Parade, too!

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week 20

Has the mystery of the #9 been cracked by our readers? Yup! Joe & Aron are back to answer your questions, reveal Sylar's ghost artist and give some clues for tonight's episode, plus Joe makes a surprise announcement!

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