New York City to Celebrate Spider-Man Week

From April 30 to May 6, New York City will host a week-long celebration in honor of Spider-Man and his legendary adventures across the five boroughs, featuring more than two-dozen exhibits, live events, screenings and parties.

Damage Report: Veitch talks "Army@Love"

Sexual trysts in the middle of a firefight? A Motivation & Morale unit to keep soldiers happy? Video game style marketing for a real war? "Army@Love" tells the story of a fictional war gone quite mad and we spoke with Rick Veitch for the latest.

Tony returns to CALLING MANGA ISLAND, CBR's manga review column. As Tony returns, he looks at two different editions of the wildly popular "Densha Otoko," AKA "Train Man," as well as Dark Horse's first manwha (Korean comics) offering, "Banya: The Explosive Deliver Man."

Rich takes a look at Bryan Talbot's "Alice in Sunderland" and likes what he sees, what's the status of Jim Shooter's Legion series at DC, Travis Charest explains why he's no longer working on "Dreamshifters," reaction to the new "Lone Wolf and Cub" sequel in Japan and much more!

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving is busy, splitting time between Marvel's "Silent War" and his new Image series "Gutsville." Robert sat down with Frazer for a long chat about his new creator-owned series, working at Marvel and his thoughts on "Seven Soldiers."

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Seven

It's a week of spiritual purification and a wee bit of torture as Justin recounts the events of week 47 in "52." And Brian's back with another edition of Crisis Continuity with a look at the legacy of Batwoman.

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