Top 300 comics for May

Diamond Comics Distributors releases top comic initial numbers for May, 2002 including Overall Market Share, Top 300 Comics and Top 50 Graphic Novels/TPB's.

Issue #12

Matt shares how he got interested in comics, how 'Star Wars' played a role in his future life (not in the obvious way you might think) and those comics that really got him going.

Issue #32

Steven vents about a pitch that didn't go the way it should have, an examination of Western comics covers by Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, and Alex Toth and what can be learned from them, plus we check in with France and we close it out with some reviews.

A special second edition of Comics2Film this week featuring LOADS of Spider-Man news!

HUGE week of news, including pages of Spidey news (it's almost here), what Lou Ferigno is doing on the 'Hulk' set, what Ben Affleck looks like on the 'Daredevil' set, what's happening with 'Punisher' and 'Judge Dredd' feature films plus much more.

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