Issue #273

Steven asked you guys to check in with gift ideas this holiday season for the comics fanatic in the under $50 range and you guys came up with some goodies. Plus, reviews of "Zombee," "Let Us Be/Perfectly Clear," "Scars and Bars" and more.

Issue #25

Robert's back doing what he does best with BUY MY BOOKS, showing of pretty, pretty art from "Ultimate X-Men" #78 and #79, "Irredeemable Ant-Man," "The Walkind Dead" and "Invincible." There's some great preview art this week, so come inside and take a look.

Podcast #99

Augie sticks to his top ten list this week, which includes the new Spirit series debut, Write Now!, some Jim Lee pin-ups, Wonder Man, Fantastic Four, and a few more old friends.

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