Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week 11

The final episode of "Heroes" for 2006 airs tonight, but before you watch it see what writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite have to say about last week's episode, "Six Months Ago," and tonight's episode, "Fallout." The mystery keeps growing!

Dark Horse Solicitations For March, 2007

Dark Horse comics has released their solicitations and cover images for comics shipping March, 2007. Included are Mike Mignola's "B.R.P.D.: Garden Of Souls," Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" #1, and Matt Wagner's long-awaited "Grendel: Archive Edition."

So, who'll be the next EiC of Wizard? Well, Rich puts to bed one rumor that's been swirling around. Plus, the year of Groo, more on publishers not paying up, no "Civil War" publishing conspiracies and much more.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Tim Sale

As the man behind Isaac's art on "Heroes," Tim Sale's work is seen by more people than ever before. In a frank interview, Tim discusses his current work on "Superman Confidential," on working with long-time collaborator Jeph Loeb, the upcoming "Absolute Batman: Long Halloween" (with new pages) and much more.

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