STUDIO TOURS: "PvP" Creator Scott Kurtz

We continue our look behind the scenes at comic creators homes today by invading the home studio of writer/artist Scott Kurtz, the creator of "PvP" and co-creator of "Truth, Justin and the American Way."

Issue #274

Steven shares some important lessons for new comic book creators that can be taken from, of all people, legendary musician Bob Dylan. Plus, reviews of books like "Basilisk," "XXXHolic," "Hellcity," "Rotting in Dirtville," "What If? Classics" and much more.

Pipeline #100

For the 100th podcast, Augie runs down the week's selection of interesting new titles, including the likes of George Perez, the Wizard of Oz, Daredevil, a Bomb Queen, Spider-Man, and Santa's mischievous daughter. It's quite the colorful cast of characters.

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