A Real Sumbitch: Hall talks "American Wasteland"

Cletus McCoy is a truck driver just trying to deliver his goods, when his run is interrupted by a plague of monsters. Thus begins the action in "American Wasteland," a horror/western series by RD Hall, whom we spoke to about the series.

The Fastest Man Alive races into the Buy Pile for the first time in years, leading a winning week punctuated by Nobles, divinities, mutants and reports.

Giffen, Denton & Villavert get "ZAPT!"

In a shocking development in American comics, prolific creators Keith Giffen and Shannon Denton have made – GASP – a space adventure comic for kids! CBR News met the team at their clubhouse to talk all things "ZAPT!"

WWLA: CBR Photo Parade - Part 2

More photos from Wizard World LA, including James Kyson Lee (Ando) and Zachary Qunito (Sylar) from "Heroes" battling it out, your favorite comic creators, costumed folk and more, plus a quick WWLA report.

Issue #287

Do religion and God have a place in comics? Steven tackles the subject in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE and his observations are probably a lot different than you would imagine.

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