Archive of Top Five Lists

Here is an archive of all of our past "Top Five" lists. The lists are in chronological order, so the most recent lists are at the end.

1. Top Five Worst Hawkeye Costumes

2. Top Five Sandmen

3. Top Five Coolest Milestone Characters

4. Top Five Best Storm Costumes

5. Top Five Jimmy Olsen Transformations

6. Top Five Comic Book Characters "Inspired" by Archie Andrews

7. Top Five D.C. Comics Logos

8. Top Five Non-Thor Mjolnir Wielders

9. Top Five DC/Marvel Crossovers

10. Top Five Hank Pym Identities

11. Top Five Jughead Cover Gags

12. Top Five Best Issues of What If...?

13. Top Five Members of the Original Sinister Six

14. Top Five Characters With Magnetic Powers

15. Top Five Best Supervillains From The Past Ten Years

16. Top Five Fictional Countries

17. Top Five Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus Battles

18. Top Five Current Vertigo Ongoing Series

19. Top Five Thing/Hulk Fights

20. Top Five Batman Costumes

21. Top Five Nicknames Courtesy of the Hulk

22. Top Five Thanksgiving Comic Books

23. Top Five Golden Age Robots!

24. Top Five Worst Psylocke Costumes

25. Top Five “Large Head” Covers

26. Top Five Best Sean Whitmore Parody Scenes

27. Top Five Underdog Cliches

28. Top Five Robins

29. Top Five Team Face-Off Covers

30. Top Five Things Captain America Also Did Not Know About

31. Top Five Silver Characters

32. Top Five “Comics and Medicine” Posts By Dr. Scott

33. Top Five Lamest Forces

34. Top Five Things Norman Osborn Retroactively Did

35. Top Five Comic Book Beards

36. Top Five Worst Superhero Marriages

37. Top Five Eyepatched Characters in Comics!

38. Top Five Superhero Colors

39. Top Five Best Superhero Marriages

40. Top Five Worst Avengers Names

41. Top Five Things In Grant Morrison’s JLA Run That Annoyed Me

42. Top Five Comic Book Shields

43. Top Five Comic Book Rings

44. Top Five Misters in Comics

45. Top Five Supergirls

46. Top Five Zero Hour #0 Issues

47. Top Five Comic Book Newspapers

48. Top Five Catwoman Costumes

49. Top Five Marvel Mercenaries

50. Top Five Legion Rejects

51. Top Five Superheroes "Featured" in Bob Dylan Songs

52. Top Five Jewish Superheroes

53. Top Five College Basketball Superhero Names

54. Top Five Brian Michael Bendis Comics

55. Top Five Additions to Batman's Rogues Gallery of the Past 25 Years

56. Top Five Batman Girlfriends

57. Top Five Marvel Superhero “Head” Nicknames

58. Top Five Covers with Ghost Rider as a Guest Star!

59. Top Five Batroc Covers!

60. Top Five Bob Dylan Song Characters WHo Would Make for Great Comic Books

61. Top Five Comic Book Non-Moms Who Deserve a Card on Mother's Day

62. Top Five Syndicates

63. Top Five Characters Created in Infinity Inc.

64. Top Five Marvel Spotlight Creations!

65. Top Five Superman Nicknames

66. Top Five "Strangest" Comic Books!

67. Top Five Solo Avengers

68. Top Five Comic Book Slayers!

69. Top Five Carl Barks Money Bin Paintings!

70. Top Five Marvel Superhero Heroic Stands Against Insurmountable Odds

71. Top Five Archie Characters Who Deserve Their Own Title

72. Top Five Silliest Additional Powers for Heroes!

73. Top Five Characters Who Talk Like Morons

74. Top Five Current Garth Ennis Comics

75. Top Five Ultimate Trade Paperbacks

76. Top Five Marvel Acronyms!

77. Top Five DC Acronyms!

78. Top Five One-Term Avengers

79. Top Five Red Kryptonite Transformations!

80. Top Five X-Men Cover Appearances!

81. Top Five Best Name Changes

82. Top Five Tiger Themed Characters!

83. Top Five Superhero Pet Names

84. Top Five Teams With None of Their Original Members

85. Top Five Avengers Covers

86. Top Five Justice Leaguer Cover Appearances (just Volume 1)

87. Top Five Justice Leaguer Cover Appearances (all Volumes)

88. Top Five Earth 2 Characters

89. Top Five Black Goliath Cover Appearances

90. Top Five Avengers Chairpersons

91. Top Five Goliaths

92. Top Five Italian-American Superheroes

93. Top Five Mike Zeck Captain America Covers

94. Top Five Gross Yet Compelling Scenes from 2008 Comics

95. Top Five Warren Zevon Characters Who Would Make for Good Comic Books

96. Top Five Comics Characters That Bruce Campbell Should/Could Play

97. Top Five Fives

98. Top Five Potential Benefits of Disney’s Marvel

99. Top Five Raddest Comics of 2009

100. Top Five Actual Pieta Covers

101. Top Five Characters From the Marvel 1993 Annuals

102. Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

103. Top Five Thor Covers by Walt Simonson

104. Top Five Characters Whose Real Names Are Way Too "On Point"

105. Top Five #300 Issues

106. Top Five Bloodlines Characters

107. Top Five Mike Zeck G.I. Joe Covers

108. Top Five Justice League Unlimited Characters Who Should Also Be Members of the "Real" Justice League of America

109. Top Five Most Famous Characters To Debut In Issues Where They Were Not The Most Famous Character Introduced In That Issue

110. Top Five Thing vs. Hulk Covers

111. Top Five Characters to Debut in the Pages of the Avengers

112. Top Five Comic Characters That Share Names With Major League Baseball Teams!

113. Top Five "Great Scott" Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers

114. Top Five "Near Miss" Relationships Between Avengers Teammates

115. Top Five "Great" Exclamations by Superman on Covers!

116. Top Five Comic Book Tigers

117. Top Five Characters Introduced in Batman or Detective Comics in Last Two Decades

118. Top Five Yellow Characters

119. Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense

120. Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

121. Top Five 400th Issues

122. Top Five Lies/Deceptions by Professor X

123. Top Five DC Comics Annual Themes

124. Top Five Joneses - Part 1

125. Top Five Joneses - Part 2

126. Top Five Joneses - Part 3

127. Top Five Carl Barks Creations Not Named Scrooge McDuck

128. Top Five Daredevil Writers

129. Top Five Daredevil Artists

130. Top Five John Romita-Designed Costumes

131. Top Five X-Men Created in the Past Ten Years

132. Top Five Artists Who Have Penciled the Most Issues of Avengers

133. Top Five Most Pointless Deaths in the Pages of the X-Men

134. Top Five Worst Wonder Man Costumes

135. Top Five Artists Who Have Penciled the Most Issues of X-Men

136. Top Five Ultron Vs. Avengers Stories

137. Top Five Last Page Magneto Reveals

138. Top Five Longest Continuous Service by an Avenger

139. Top Five X-Men Who Debuted Outside the X-Titles

140. Top Five Avengers Court Martials

141. Top Five Guest Appearances by Non-X-Men Related Marvel Characters in the Pages of X-Men

142. Top Five Writers Who Have Written the Most Issues of the Avengers

143. Top Five Ragtag Temporary X-Men Teams

144. Top Five Avengers Government Liaisons

145. Top Five Writers Who Have Written the Most Issues of X-Men

146. Top Five Marvel Superheroes Who Have Never Been Avengers But Should be Avengers

147. Top Five Non-Mutant X-Men Supporting Cast Members

148. Top Five Mutant Avengers

149. Top Five Non-Mutant Members of the X-Men

150. Top Five George Perez Avengers Covers

151. Top Five John Byrne X-Men Covers

152. Top Five Honorary Avengers

153. Top Five "Bang. You Dead"s

154. Top Five Wasp Costumes

155. Top Five Most Heroic X-Men Deaths

156. Top Five Hawkeye Nicknames For His Avenger Teammates

157. Top Five X-Men Villains Affected by the "Team Effect"

158. Top Five Avengers Villains Affected by the "Team Effect"

159. Top Five X-Men Battles

160. Top Five Lesser Known Nicknames Hawkeye Gave Captain America

161. Top Five Thor Battles

162. Top Five Oddest Powers of Thor's Hammer

163. Top Five Oddest Thor Powers

164. Top Five Greatest Godzilla Fights Against Marvel Heroes

165. Top Five Greatest Monsters Marvel Created to Fight Godzilla

166. Top Five Mopiest Vision Moments

167. Top Five Worst Things Quicksilver Has Ever Done

168. Top Five Best Daredevil/Punisher Fights

169. Top Five Superhero Origins

170. Top Five Times Peter Parker Decided That He Was Spider-Man...No More!

171. Top Five Most Awkward Aunt May Moments

172. Top Five X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossovers

173. Top Five Most Embarrassing Gambit Moments

174. Top Five Greatest Invisible Woman Moments

175. Top Five Jacket-Wearing Superhero Teams at Marvel in the 1990s

176. Top Five Characters Retroactively Empowered by Apocalypse

177. Top Five Best Apocalypse Deaths

178. Top Five Apocalypse's Deaths

179. Top Five Silliest 1990s Superhero Battle Armor

180. Top Five Supporting Cast Members Who Moved From One Comic to Another

181. Top Five Greatest Mary Jane/Peter Parker Moments

182. Top Five Most Ridiculous Temporary Costumes Worn by Spider-Man

183. Top Five Greatest Rogue Moments

184. Top Five Superhero Mullets

185. Top Five Greatest Gambit/Rogue Moments

186. Top Five Greatest Avengers Couples

187. Top Five Best X-Men Crossovers

188. Top Five Worst Things Cyclops Has Ever Done

189. Top Five Oddest X-Men Secondary Mutations

190. Top Five Greatest Cyclops Moments

191. Top Five Comic Characters That Actually Stayed Dead

192. Top Five Saddest Deaths in the Pages of X-Men

193. Top Five Best Wolverine/Sabretooth Fights

194. Top Five Best Magneto/X-Men Fights

195. Top Five Superhero Battle Cries

196. Top Five Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Specials

197. Top Five Wolverine Young Female Friends

198. Top Five Worst Justice League Members

199. Top Five Captain America/Iron Man Fights

200. Top Five Deadpool Guest Appearances

201. Top Five Superman/Flash Races

202. Top Five Wolverine What If..? Deaths

203. Top Five Justice League Origins

204. Top Five Justice League Battles

205. Top Five Vision Non-Superhero Outfits

206. Top Five What If...? Comics That Actually Came True!

207. Top Five Coolest Moments From Marvel's Original Civil War Series

208. Top Five Continuity Conflicts from Marvel's Civil War

209. Top Five Times Steve Rogers Retired His Captain America Identity

210. Top Five What If...? Comics Where Everything Actually Turned Out Okay

211. Top Five Age of Apocalypse Characters

212. Top Five Wolverine and Jean Grey Moments

213. Top Five Times Thor Encountered Ragnarok

214. Top Five Most 1990s Superheroes

215. Top Five Spider-Man "What If...?" Deaths

216. Top Five Spider-Man/Wolverine Team-Ups

217. Top Five Batman Elseworlds Stories

218. Top Five Biggest Hulk Rampages

219. Top Five Hulk/Wolverine Fights

220. Top Five Captain America/Wolverine Fights

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