When The Archies Visited Their Own Animators!

This is "A Wall Between Us," where I spotlight notable examples of comic books breaking the fourth wall. What I'm looking at here is mostly examples from characters other than She-Hulk, Deadpool, Ambush Bug, etc. You know, the kind of stuff that is a bit more of a surprise to the reader. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

Today, we look at the time that the Archies went to go visit Filmation Studios to see the people who brought their cartoon to life!

Filmation was still a relatively new animation studio when they came up with the idea of doing a cartoon series based on the Archie comic book characters, but specifically turning The Archie Show into a sort of variety show, complete with original songs performed by The Archies, including the smash hit single, "Sugar, Sugar"...

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The show was such a rousing success that Archie Comics naturally desired to tie into the popularity of the series, so they launched a new comic book series called Everything's Archie that was designed to be a specific outlet for fans of the show, as it would feature adventures of The Archies, in particular.

The first issue featured a brilliant Dan DeCarlo/Rudy Lapick cover showing a typical American family that had fully embraced "Archie-mania," from the teenagers rocking out to the music while the children loved the cartoons...

The first issue opened with a Frank Doyle, Harry Lucey and Marty Epp story about The Archies traveling to Reseda, California and visiting Filmation Studios, the company that produced The Archie Show!

The key people at Filmation were the founders of the company, Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott, and the director of the cartoons, Hal Sutherland. Sutherland and Scheimer were veterans of the animation business (with Sutherland's career going all the way back to a number of major Walt Disney films of the 1950s) while Prescott came into the industry a bit later in life (after a career as a disc jockey!).

The veteran Sutherland cannot believe that he is seeing his animated creations LIVE!

The executives take the Archies on a tour of the studio, but chaos naturally ensues...

Luckily, the teens eventually move on...

What a delightfully bizarre little story. Frank Doyle was quite the writer!

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