Archie Revives Superhero Team, Turns Betty & Veronica Into Bikers

This fall, Archie Comics is shaking up its roster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the publisher will bring back The Mighty Crusaders for a new series and launch B&V Vixens, a new book that finds Betty and Veronica reimagined as bikers.

After originally debuting in 1965, Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel's The Mighty Crusaders will return later this year under the guidance of writer Ian Flynn and artist Kelsey Shannon. Archie Comics is targeting contemporary superhero fans with the revival. Archie CEO Jon Goldwater hopes the series will serve as "a lynchpin book that we hope will lead to more spinoffs and expansion for the Dark Circle universe."

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"We wanted to create a book that’s accessible, not mired in a million crossovers and part of a bigger, unfolding story," Goldwater explained. "For that, we enlisted [writer] Ian Flynn, who’s done a lot of marvelous work for us and has a history with the Crusaders. On art, we have Kelsey Shannon, who did some nice work on the Josie and the Pussycats book recently and has a really clear, modern and welcoming style."

"The Mighty Crusaders is one of those dream projects that you always hope for but never dare expect will actually happen," Shannon added. "The best of the golden age through the lens of the present. That grand scale spectacle and boundless imagination of the great old comics past mixed with the attention to character and emotional realism that we all come to expect from the stories we choose to invest ourselves in today."

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Additionally, Archie Comics' B&V Vixens series will reimagine the iconic Betty and Veronica duo as "badass biker chicks in charge of the meanest gang in town." Jamie Rotante will pen the story, which will feature artwork by Eva Cabrera.

"I couldn’t be more honored and excited for the opportunity to not only let pop culture’s two most recognizable BFFs take center stage, but to give them the opportunity to kick a whole lot of ass along the way," Rotante shared. "Betty and Veronica aren’t just two young ladies who happen to like the same boy — they’re two hard-working, intelligent and strong women who maintain a friendship despite their differences; consistently defying all expectations to overcome the odds stacked against them. That’s something I really wanted to explore with this series — and not just Betty and Veronica, many of the female Archie Comics characters will get a chance to tell their own unique stories in a way that’s fun and action-packed."

The Mighty Crusaders #1 will launch in December, while B&V Vixens #1 will arrive in stores a month earlier in November.

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