Archie: Rockin' The World TPB Vol. #1

Story by
Art by
Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski
Letters by
Jack Morelli
Cover by
Archie Comics

When The Archies, Josie & The Pussycats, The Bingos and the Madhouse Glads embark on a whirlwind world rock 'n' roll tour, romance, hilarity and hijinx ensue! The gang goes global with stops in India, China, Australia and Canada. Archie, his band mates and his fellow musicians encounter many new people, cultures and customs along the way. But when it's time to return back to Riverdale, will everyone be able to leave the friends and memories they've made along the way behind? Find out in this rockin' graphic novel, which compiles ARCHIE issues #650-653 and classic Archie stories!

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