Archie Double Digest #232

When the Andrews men can't find an affordable tree trimmer, they take it upon themselves to get the job done! Can they manage to get the tree's appearance up to Mrs. Andrews' standards and save a few bucks in the process or is their landscaping project doomed? Find out in "Out on a Limb!"

Times are tough but that poses no concern for thrifty Archie. See how saving money on dating ends up making him money by issue's end in "Prize Surprise!"

Archie and his father's relaxing summer day gets interrupted when Mrs. Andrews puts them to work cleaning out the garage. However, the pair discovers a major motivating factor in cutting their day of rest short in "Haul Trash!"

Little Archie and Betty are on their way to Veronica's Halloween party but how can they hope to win first prize at the costume contest when a real-life Plutonian is in their midst? See who wins in "Galaxy Ghost!"

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