Archie Double Digest #224

Archie in The Big Ditch - Jughead has a science project due in a week but it's not going to get done if his lab partner (and supposed best friend!) doesn't stop ditching him. Will Archie stop putting off his his pal or will Jug end up with a failing grade thanks to his flaky friend?

In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are "Going Batty" when they discover a loose bat in the attic! Mr. Andrews decides to take matters into his own hands but he qualified to handle the flying rodent?

Those stories plus Archie in "Kiss Amiss!" in which Arch spreads holiday cheer throughout the halls of Riverdale High with his strategically placed mistletoe but not if the Bee has anything to say about it! Will Archie be the first to serve detention for puckering up?

Titans #31

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