Ian Flynn Joins Archie to Bring 'Shocking High Stakes' to Riverdale

Ian Flynn has been an Archie Comics MVP for more than a decade, as the primary writer of Sonic the Hedgehog. Though that license is now at IDW Publishing, Flynn has remained a major presence at the company -- writing superhero series The Mighty Crusaders, all-ages title Cosmo and, as of February's Archie #28, co-writing the flagship New Riverdale series with Mark Waid.

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With Archie #28 due out on Feb. 14 and Cosmo now in stores, CBR caught up with Flynn to talk about his latest Archie Comics accomplishments, collaborating with Mark Waid and Archie artist Audrey Mok, the experience of reviving Cosmo with Sonic artists Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms, and what's left for him to tackle in the World of Archie.

Additionally, CBR has the first look at covers and solicitation text for April's Archie #30 and Cosmo #4. Check back with CBR later this week for Archie Comics' full April 2018 solicitations.

CBR: Ian, you've been a part of the Archie family for quite a while -- what does it feel like to now be co-writing the flagship title?

Ian Flynn: Archie has this balance of slice-of-life drama and humor that’s really tricky to get right. You can’t fall back on an action scene or the spectacle of a surreal set piece -- you’ve got the gang and Riverdale and you have to make them work on their terms.

What's it like collaborating with Mark Waid on this? Not only is he, well, Mark Waid, but he's really defined the "New Riverdale" era of Archie.

Mark’s been fantastic to work with. He’s been the main driving force behind the storyline, but he’s given me tons of room to approach the story in my own way. It’s been a pleasure working with him and -- like you were saying -- I can say I worked with Mark Waid.

"Heart of Riverdale" was in many ways an emotionally heavy story. How do you see the tone of the series going forward?

I can’t say how things will be for Archie and the crew for the future, but the next arc certainly isn’t lighter. By the end of it you’ll be seeing some pretty shocking high stakes.

The main Archie series has had some amazing artists in its current run. What do you like about Audrey Mok's work on the book?

She has this brilliant balance of realism and whimsy. She makes everyone in Riverdale feel like real people, and when Archie’s antics start getting cartoonish, she sells them with the same level of believability. I think that makes the sight gags all the funnier.

Cosmo launched earlier this month. How have you enjoyed reteaming with Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms, and the challenge/opportunity presented by reviving such an obscure Archie property?

I will always be happy to work with Tracy and Matt. We make a fantastic team and we’ve learned how to function like a well-oiled machine. Tons of love and respect there too. I’ve been really happy to get the chance to take the absolutely bonkers concepts behind Cosmo and freshen them up for today’s audience.

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Between Archie, Cosmo and Mighty Crusaders, you're really covering a lot of ground at Archie these days. Are there any Archie properties left that you're eager to try your hand at?

I’ll always hold out hope that Young Salem will get another shot, but I’d be happy with just about anything within the Sabrina/Salem mythos. We might have some other fun things percolating behind closed doors.

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