Archie Comics Sign with CAA

While no film is in place for Riverdale's famous redhead, Archie Comics has signed with CAA talent agency to represent their intellectual properties in film and television, according to Variety. Archie Comics has toyed with taking their properties off the page before. There have been a radio show, cartoons in the 1960s, late 70s, and 1989, an odd telefilm about a grown up Archie called "Return to Riverdale" in 1990, and the "Josie and Pussycats" motion picture from 2001 with Rosario Dawson and Rachel Leigh Cook. The 1960s Archie cartoon, which featured the characters as a pop group called "The Archies," even spawned a number one hit single with "Sugar, Sugar" in 1969.

The company also saw success on TV with "Sabrina the Teen-Aged Witch" in the late 1990s and earlier this decade.

The Archie characters first appeared as a back-up strip in 1941, by 1946, the characters were popular enough that the company, known as "MLJ", changed its name to "Archie Comics." The company also tried its hand at superheroes. The Shield, the Comet, the Black Hood, and others were part of this early line of comics. Currently, these characters are licensed to DC Comics as "the Red Circle." Archie also tried reviving these characters in the 1960s as the "Mighty Line," in the 1980s as "The Red Circle" line and in the 1990s as the "Impact" line through DC.

Variety notes this move "comes as Hollywood is quickly gobbling up established branded properties, as evidenced by Disney's pending acquisition of Marvel Entertainment and Warner Bros.' recent exec overhaul of DC Comics."

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