Archie Comics Launches Prose Line with Betty Cooper-Starring "Diary of a Girl Next Door"

This summer, Archie Comics' Betty Cooper makes the leap from comics to prose in an all-new series.

Announced via USA Today, "Diary of a Girl Next Door" takes a page from the playbook of the mega-popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series, combining the innermost thoughts of one-third of Riverdale's famous romantic triangle with sketches and single-panel comics. However, while "Wimpy Kid" features the trials and tribulations of a middle-school boy, "Girl Next Door" tackles Betty's -- and Archie, Veronica and Jughead's -- first year of high school.

"Looking back on my old diary entries, I see how often I made mountains out of molehills," author Tania del Rio told USA Today. "I tried to bring some of this spirit to Betty, and had so much fun writing about her high school experiences with her voice."

The first book, which includes art by Bill Galvan, Bob Smith and Jack Morelli, debuts July 16.

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