Victor Gorelick joined Archie Comics as an art assistant, and has served as production coordinator, art director and now as Archie Comic's Editor-in-Chief. Mr. Gorelick has unique knowledge of every facet of the editorial process required to create and publish successful comics. He has done everything from writing to coloring, and everything between. He has highly regarded artistic skills and an eye for meticulous detail. He also has a well honed sense of the wholesome content of Archie Comics that has been the basis for the bond of trust built with readers by Archie Comics down through the years. He has worked closely with numerous companies designing various custom comic books. For example, he has overseen collaborations between Archie Comics and Kraft General Foods, Radio Shack and even the F.B.I.! He is a moving force on the Comic Magazine Association of America's Code Authority Guidelines Committee, a6 member of the Board of Advisors of the Joe Kubert School where many of today's comic artists first learned their craft, and he has taught cartooning as an instructor at the Kingsborough Community College in New York City. On October 3rd 2008 at the company offices Archie Comics surprised Victor Gorelick with a plaque honoring his incredible contribution and in celebration of 50 years of service to the company. The inscription reads…

“To Victor Gorelick

It is with the greatest of thanks and pride that everyone both past and present, congratulate you on your tremendous contribution of 50 years of service with Archie Comics.

From learning the business with those who started before you, to teaching and mentoring those who have come since, you have been the link to the company’s early days while helping to keep it contemporary for today’s readers. Working with the founders of Archie Comics, then their sons and now helping to lead Archie Comics into a bright new future, you have held true to the ideals learned in your first years.

Through the years you have helped foster bright new talent while keeping longtime greats creatively challenged, all the while earning the loyalty, respect and friendship of those you have worked with.

However, the greatest achievement of these past 50 years is the millions and millions of children and readers your work with Archie Comics has helped to delight.

Presented by

Your Friends and Family at

Archie Comics

October 4th, 2008”

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