This July, Archie Comics releases the first part of an epic storyline the fans have been clamoring for. The "Freshman Year" saga follows the Archie teens from the summer following middle school graduation through their first year at Riverdale High, including all the seasons and the special activities and events that are a part of each. It's a prequel in the tradition of such famous comic book series and mini-series as John Byrne's "Superman: the Man of Steel," Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One" and Marvel's "Ultimate" line.

A look back to how it all began isn't all the fans have been clamoring for. Countless fans have weighed in with their concerns about the environment, and Archie Comics has heard their pleas. Just as "Freshman Year" writer Batton Lash is turning back the timeline for a fresh look at Archie and his friends' beginnings, the publishers of Archie Comics are giving previously used paper a fresh look by printing this storyline on recycled paper! Beginning with ARCHIE #587, all five issues featuring this special storyline, through issue ARCHIE #591 will have their interiors printed on recycled paper.

Archie Comics is pleased to support the "green" initiative while entertaining its readers with "Freshman Year." This special storyline is brought to you by none other than fan-favorite writer Batton Lash. No stranger to Archie Comics, the famed writer of the "Wolff & Byrd" series turned the comic industry upside down in 1994 when he penned the unlikely Archie/Marvel cross-over comic, "Archie Meets the Punisher." Many thought it would never work, but Batton's ingenious script won over even the toughest skeptics, and the comic wound up being not only one of Archie's biggest-selling issues ever, but also one of the most highly-acclaimed. Batton returned the following year with another well-received story arc appearing across several Archie titles. The "House of Riverdale" was a loving tribute to the type of serio-comic, spooky mysteries so prevalent in the vintage "Life with Archie" series.

Handling the art chores for FRESHMAN YEAR is "Scrapyard Detectives" creator Bill Galvan. In the year since he started working on Archie Comics, he has become one of the most popular artists to render the freckle-faced teen and his friends. With the unbeatable team of Lash and Galvan taking a fresh look at Archie, this is one "year" you can't afford to miss!

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ARCHIE #587, ships 7/16.

ARCHIE #588, ships 8/13.

ARCHIE #589, ships 9/17.

ARCHIE #590, ships 10/22.

ARCHIE #591, ships 11/19.

All comics are 32-page, full color, priced at $2.25 US.

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