Death Is Coming To Archie Comics - But for Whom?


One of the most iconic characters in American pop culture, Archie has existed in comics for nearly three quarters of a century. After decades of mainly maintaining the status quo, Archie and the Riverdale gang received an overhaul and relaunch in 2015.

Now Archie has found resurgence in popularity, both in comics and other media. From “Jughead” and the “Josie And The Pussycats” comics to the increasingly popular CW series “Riverdale,” and even “Archie” itself, Archie Andrews is back in the spotlight.

Balancing the comics as to cater to both long-time readers and newbies alike, writer Mark Waid has brought something for everyone, writing grounded stories with am modern sensibility. Now, Archie Comics hs announced a new event in “Archie” that will shake Riverdale’s residents, and presumably the book’s readers, to their core.

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Titled “Over the Edge," the event kicks off this May in Archie #20, and promises to change the lives of Archie Comics’ most popular characters -- forever.

According to Waid, “Up until now, Archie and his pals have led fairly untroubled, normal lives. Suddenly, in one horrifying instant, that all changes when one of the kids looks death in the eye -- and death doesn't blink.”

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Written in three parts, “Over the Edge” begins in “Archie” #20, as Archie Andrews’ and Reggie Mantle’s ongoing feud pits the two against each other in a thrill ride on the dangerous Dead Man’s Curve. In June, a life-changing phone call will leave Riverdale’s citizens in shock, and readers on their toes with “Archie” #21.

The somber storyline will wrap up in July’s “Archie” #22 as the end comes for one of Riverdale’s residents, setting the stage for years of stories to come.

The obvious question is, who will die? It could be anyone; even Archie. Whatever the answer, it’ll be interesting to see not only how big a risk Archie Comics is willing to take, but also how readers and fans will respond.


  • It’s the BIGGEST comic event in ARCHIE HISTORY! Archie and Reggie’s ongoing feud reaches a fever pitch that pits the two against each other in a thrill ride on the deadly Dead Man’s Curve!
  • Script: Mark Waid
  • Art: Pete Woods, Jack Morelli
  • Cover: Pete Woods
  • Variant Covers: Elliot Fernandez with Joey Vazquez, Greg Smallwood
  • On Sale Date: 5/17
  • 32-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S.


  • A phone call leaves everyone in Riverdale in a state of shock and despair!
  • Script: Mark Waid
  • Art: Pete Woods, Jack Morelli
  • Cover: Pete Woods
  • Variant Covers: Matthew Dow Smith, Greg Smallwood
  • On Sale Date: 6/21
  • 32-page, full color comic
  • $3.99 U.S.

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