Archie Teases Riverdale Comic and More with New Artwork

The ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting between retailers and comic book publishers is currently in full swing in Memphis, Tennessee, and Archie Comics, riding the "Riverdale" momentum, has unleashed a whole lot of new artwork from its upcoming comic book releases.

"The launch of 'Riverdale' on The CW makes it clear to anyone watching the brand that 2017 is a major turning point for Archie Comics in publishing and beyond," Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito said in a statement to CBR. "We have a ton of top projects we'll be talking up this weekend. From superstar artist Pete Woods joining Mark Waid on 'Archie,' Waid and co-writer Ian Flynn on 'Jughead,' or new one-shots like the must-read 'Jughead: The Hunger,' 'Little Archie' (and 'Little Sabrina,' and 'Little Josie'), and 'The Archies' plus the 'Riverdale' ongoing series and our core new Archie titles, Archie Horror and Dark Circle. We have something for everyone, and we're excited to share what's in store with our retailing partners and fans."

And speaking of "Riverdale" -- it looks like even the Archie Comics characters themselves are hooked on the show, as seen in this ComicsPRO-exclusive "Jughead" #13 variant cover by "Archie" and "Morning Glories" artist Joe Eisma.

"Jughead" #13 ComicsPRO variant
"Jughead" #13 ComicsPRO variant by Joe Eisma

Archie's "Jughead" series, as previously announced, gets a new co-writing team with May's issue #15: comics superstar and "Archie" writer Mark Waid and Archie Comics mainstay Ian Flynn, with Derek Charm remaining on board as artist. CBR has the first look at variant covers for "Jughead" #15, by Sandy Jarrell and Marguerite Sauvage.

"Jughead" #15 variant cover by Sandy Jarrell.
"Jughead" #15 variant cover by Marguerite Sauvage
"Jughead" #15 variant cover by Marguerite Sauvage.

Also, here's a look at two pages of interior art from "The Archies" one-shot, written by Alex Segura & Matt Rosenberg, and illustrated by Joe Eisma (scheduled for release on May 25).

"The Archies" interior art
"The Archies" interior art by Joe Eisma
"The Archies" interior art
"The Archies" interior art by Joe Eisma

To top it all off, CBR has previews from five new Archie releases -- March's "Riverdale" one-shot, March's "Archie" #18 with art by Pete Woods, March's "Jughead: The Hunger" one-shot, the "Little Archie" one-shot (with a new on-sale date of March 29), April's "Big Moose" one-shot. Click the below links to go to each preview!

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