Archie Comics Announces the Return of Jughead's Time Police

Jughead's Time Police

Archie Comics will be reviving the fan-favorite, short-lived early '90s title Jughead's Time Police for a new five-issue miniseries this summer. The series will be written by Sina Grace (Iceman) and feature art and covers by Derek Charm (Jughead).

However, depending on the book's popularity, Archie Comics is leaving the door open for more down the road. Additionally, fans can keep an eye out for various variant covers by the likes of Tyler Boss, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack with Kelly Fitzpatrick and Tracy Yardley.

The original Jughead's Time Police ran for six issues from July 1990 to May 1991. The comic revolved around Riverdale's Jughead Jones being recruited into the future agency known as the Time Police to go on various misadventures through different time periods.

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Jughead's Time Police full

"Jughead's Time Police is a beloved concept that was screaming to be modernized, so once we read Sina's pitch, we were in business," Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura told Syfy Wire. "He honors what came before but gives the idea a much-needed jolt. I can't think of a better artist to bring it to life than Derek, who had a stellar un on the main Jughead title -- which kind of feels like a warmup for this!"

According to the official synopsis, the events of Jughead's Time Police take place after Jughead is "messes up his Riverdale Bake-Off pie recipe" and fins himself "disqualified and banned from all future Bake-Offs." Naturally, the perpetually hungry teenager sees time traves as the most viable solution to this problem, sending him on an "epic quest to keep the time stream intact."

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"Jughead messes up the time-space continuum, so don't be surprised if you see different versions of your favorite characters pop up," Grace added.

Derek Charm also chimed in, teasing that,"Time travel elements are just the beginning."

Archie Comics also unveiled some artwork featuring a few of the upcoming series' characters, including Jughead, Dilton Doiley, Archie Andrews, as well as alternate versions of Jughead. This lineup also confirms the return of January McAndrews, who first appeared in the original Jughead's Time Police series as Archie's distant descendant and Jughead's secret love interest.

Jughead Time Police characters


Written by Sina Grace with art by Derek Charm, Jughead's Time Police #1 hits comic shops on June 12.


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