Archie Comics Plans Three New Animated & Live-Action Series

josie and the pussycats

The creative renaissance for Archie Comics is only continuing to gain momentum.

Publisher Jon Goldwater has revealed that there are currently three new series adapting Archie Comics properties in development. The planned new series include an animated series starring Josie McCoy (Of Josie & and the Pussycats fame) with horror undertones, a more light-hearted animated series following the misadventures of Archie and his friends in Riverdale, and a live-action series centered on the noir-tinged Archie character, private detective Sam Hill.

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While more specific details on the three planned series are still being kept under wraps, they are expected to be a mix between shows for either network broadcast or through streaming services. The proposed series would join The CW's Riverdale and Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as recent adaptations of the iconic Archie Comics characters.

The most surprising among the newly announced series is Sam Hill. First created in 1950's Sam Hill, Private Eye #1 by writer-artist Harry Lucey, the hard-boiled detective saw his debut series cancelled after seven issues by Archie Comics in 1952. Since then, the character has slid into relative obscurity over the past sixty years.

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In the meantime, Riverdale has been renewed by The CW for a third season to premiere this fall while Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has already received a two-season commitment from Netflix with the first season expected to premiere on the streaming service sometime later this year.

(via New York Times)

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