Archie Writer Nick Spencer Brings The CW's Riverdale Sensibilities to Comics

Teenager Archie Andrews and the residents of his hometown of Riverdale have entertained comic readers since their debut in 1941. Part of the reason for their long lasting appeal is how Archie Comics' stories tend to be populated with great characters while providing fans a classic sense of Americana.

That doesn't mean Archie Comics are stuck in the past, though. In 2015, writer Mark Waid, artist Fiona Staples and others brought Archie and the Riverdale gang into the modern era with a brand new series. Modernizing Archie's adventures without losing the character's iconic appeal was a challenge, but the result was a success, as Waid and his collaborators told a number of fun and dramatic tales, and they even paved the way for the CW Network's television adaptation of Archie, Riverdale

This November, the next phase of Archie's modern day comic exploits begins in the milestone Archie #700, where the new creative team of writer Nick Spencer and artist Marguerite Sauvage kick off their run. Ahead of the series' big moment, CBR spoke with Spencer about his love for the Archie characters, how his stories compare to what's featured on The CW's Riverdale, and the character dynamics he's most enjoyed writing.

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CBR: You've written some of Marvel Comic's biggest names and with November's Archie #700 you kick off your run on America's most iconic adolescent. What made you wanted to tackle this particular franchise? And what is it about the denizens of Riverdale that inspired you as a storyteller?

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Nick Spencer: I am a life long, hardcore Archie fan. I grew up with the Digests and the single issues from the newsstand. They were a regular part of my comics reading experience as a kid. So I have an enormous amount of fondness for these characters, their legacy, and everything that's been done with them throughout the decades.

So when Alex Segura called me and asked if I was interested I couldn't say yes fast enough. It was certainly a dream come true, and it really felt like the right time and opportunity to try my hand at writing this. And so far, that's been proven true. I'm having an absolute blast writing this book.

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