Archer Picks Up First Emmy For Outstanding Animated Series

Proving it's never too late to shine, "Archer" picked up it first Emmy for Outstanding Animated Series during this year's Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The cult comedy won for its episode "The Figgis Agency" and beat out seasoned veterans "The Simpsons", "South Park", "Phineas and Ferb" as well as last year's winner, "Bob's Burgers." It's the third consecutive year "Archer" has been nominated for best animated series, and the series' second Emmy overall after winning Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Multiplatform Storytelling for the episode "Archer Scavenger Hunt."

"Archer's" seventh season concluded earlier this year, with FX announcing that the comedy has been renewed for three more seasons at this year's Comic-Con International. And after that? It's possible we could even see a movie about our favorite agents.

“I think they would probably be reactivated by the government for one world-saving mission,” creator Adam Reed teased when asked about the possibility of pitching an "Archer" film, adding that "I sort of have the end [of the series] in mind, I just am hoping it’s a long time from now."

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