Archer & Armstrong #7

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #7 by New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and acclaimed artist Emanuela Lupacchino! "The Wrath of the Eternal Warrior" continues on February 13th as Archer & Armstrong join the new Geomancer's sacred quest to quell the forces of the Null!

From Calcutta to New York City, Archer & Armstrong have been racing desperately to stay one step ahead of Armstrong's bellicose brother, Gilad - aka the Eternal Warrior. Lucky then that Zorn Capital spokeswoman Kay McHenry has just discovered that she is the next in the long line of Geomancers - the mystical beings to whom the Warrior has sworn his fist and steel. Now Kay, Gilad, and our heroes must put aside their differences to stop Kay's boss, Elliot Zorn, and the zero-worshipping fanatics in the Null before they destroy reality altogether.

Can Valiant's conspiracy-smashing adventurers add up the Null's master plan before everything that is becomes nothing at all? Because if they don't, the Valiant Universe might just become a vacuum in Archer & Armstrong #7 - in stores on February 13th!

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