Archangel Studios offers second 'The Red Star' TPB, exclusive final cover preview

Official Press Release

[The Red Star TPB 2]LOS ANGELES ­ Archangel Studios, the creative team behind the hit comic series THE RED STAR, announces the release of their second trade paperback, "Nokgorka." This trade collects the second story arc of the groundbreaking saga, nominated for an astounding five Eisner Awards in its first two years, including 'Best Trade Paperback Design' and 'Best New Series'.

The second chapter in THE RED STAR epic relates the bloody conflict of Nokgorka, a republic fighting to win its independence from the United Republics of the Red Star. It is amidst these war torn streets that the heroes of THE RED STAR encounter a most unlikely saviour, a child soldier of the Nokgorkan Resistance fighting to destroy the very soldiers whose fates she unknowingly holds in her hands.

Continuing in the tradition of the first trade, this must-have collection is 176 pages and oversized (9 x 12); it includes a never before seen 'making of' sketchbook section focusing on THE RED STAR's unique 3D computer graphics-to-print process, which earned the book its repeated Eisner nominations.

This book is the first major release to hit the stores from Archangel Studios since THE RED STAR's departure from image comics. This publication, along with all additional Red Star books and merchandise can be ordered in the new Archangel Studios section of Diamond Previews.

Archangel plans to follow this release with 'Run, Makita, Run' - the studios' first annual (40 pgs no ads) - and a relaunch of the series in October 2002.

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