Archaia Studios Press, publishers of 'Artesia,' license Fuzion game system

Official Press Release

Fort Lee, NJ -- Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is pleased to announce that it has licensed the rights to use the Fuzion game system in its upcoming roster of roleplaying and other gaming products based on its comic book, Artesia. In addition, ASP has reached a separate agreement with R. Talsorian to use their LifePath system. These two licenses are expected to bring the world of Artesia to a wider audience, and allow fans of the comic book to experience the Known World, the setting of Artesia, in new and exciting ways.

Mark Smylie, creator of Artesia: "I first encountered the basics of the Fuzion rules almost a decade ago in Cyberpunk 2020, a game that I really loved, and the Hero system from Hero Games. The rules captured so many of the details of gaming just right and flowed well, and I thought they'd be a great fit for an Artesia roleplaying game, so I was thrilled to be able to license the basic system for use as the core of an Artesia RPG. And the LifePath system was one of the best character-background generation systems I've ever seen, so being able to incorporate elements from it into the Artesia character generation system is fantastic. The comic's setting has some fairly intricate cultures and they'll be presented in great detail, so in combination with the LifePath system I think players will find a deep but elegant way of generating a wide variety of characters to play."

Fans of the Fuzion system will get some new rules and additions, including a shift to a 3d6 statistical base for characteristics; rules for the use of hermetic and folk magic; rules for the use of divine magic and interactions with the divine and supernatural realms (including rules for player character's own hero cults and eventual ascension); rules for talents and abilities accessible to characters through the Arcana, a Tarot-like system representing the Known World's archetypal paths of power; and a simple mass combat rules system compatible with the basics of Fuzion for large unit wargaming.

Written and painted by Mark Smylie, Artesia is a comic book rich in fantasy, mysticism, and mythology, an epic and strange tale of war and magic set in the strife-riven realms of the Known World. Artesia (Archaia Studios Press, Artesia, June 2003, $24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-00-9, 192 pages) and Artesia Afield (Archaia Studios Press, Artesia Afield, July 2003, $24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-02-5, 192 pages) will be available at finer bookstores and comic book shops everywhere.

Games based on Artesia are currently under development, with a projected release date of summer 2004.


Mark Smylie founded Archaia Studios Press (ASP) in 2002 as a new home for his epic fantasy comic book, Artesia. Artesia was first published by Sirius Entertainment beginning in 1999 and was followed by the sequel series Artesia Afield in 2001. Artesia Afire, the third 6-issue series, is being released this year and is in stores now.

[NOTE: Read the CBR News interview with Mark Smylie regarding 'Artesia Afire.']

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