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Fort Lee, NJ -- October 15, 2003 -- Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is expanding its publishing efforts and is hunting for new creator-owned books to add to its current title, Artesia. On the heels of the successful re-launch of Artesia with new collections of the first two series and the birth of the mini-series Artesia Afire, ASP is eager to add more fantasy, horror, pulp noir, and SF titles to the fold, fleshing out its schedule for 2004 and beyond.

Mark Smylie, creator of Artesia: "Self-publishing has been surprisingly enjoyable, although time-consuming, and I've been very pleased with how ASP has been going. Despite there being as many companies as there already are in comic book publishing, I know that there is a lot of good work and interesting writing that is still looking for a home, and I'd like to offer ASP as a publishing house for idiosyncratic genre work in epic fantasy and science fiction. Being able to make ASP a publisher with full-year, ongoing releases was something I always intended, and I'm happy to begin moving in that direction."

Criteria for submissions are genre specific. Smylie is looking for titles that complement Artesia's fantasy setting and that live up to the quality that fans of Artesia and ASP have come to expect. Specifically, proposals for a new fantasy, horror, pulp noir, or SF series should include a short synopsis of the details of the series (including the number of issues expected) and ideally a complete sample of the first issue, though works-in-progress are acceptable.

Smylie states that Artesia as a book will not be neglected in any way by the new ventures. "I fully intend to release a new six-issue chapter featuring Artesia's ongoing struggles every year or so. Next year will see the Artesia Afire trade paperback, Artesia Annual #3, and a role-playing game based on the fantasy setting of the Known World. The next series, Artesia Besieged, should be ready to begin coming out at the end of the year, and that leaves a great opening to introduce new ASP titles in the time before Besieged is out."

Further details regarding submitting to ASP can be found at the ASP website, http://www.archaiasp.com/submissions.htm.

ABOUT ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS (ASP)Mark Smylie founded Archaia Studios Press (ASP) in 2002 as a new home for his epic fantasy comic book, Artesia. Artesia (ASP, $24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-00-9) was first published by Sirius Entertainment beginning in 1999 and was followed by the sequel series Artesia Afield (ASP, $24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-02-5). Artesia Afire, the third six-issue series, is in stores now.

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