Arcana to Publish Steve Uy's "Jova's Harvest" This November

Official Press Release

This November Arcana Studios is proud to present the return of the verytalented Steve Uy, the creator of Feather. Steve returns to creator-ownedcomics with Jova's Harvest, a 3 issue ethical drama told entirely in rhyme.

Jova is a Harvester, a servant of heaven charged with the task of preservingthe mortal world by preventing Armageddon. Stuck in the mortal world below,he maintains Heaven's dominance over Hell by facilitating the deaths of goodpeople and collecting their souls.

Once every century, the gates to Hell open and Jova is charged the task ofsealing them by vanquishing the devil himself, his own beloved brother,Luci, in a debilitating war of attrition.

For millennia Jova has accomplished his mission, but this century, thingsare about to change. His sister, an angel of Heaven, has secretly sold hersoul to Luci so that she may live in the mortal world with her estrangedbrothers

Arcana has been keeping this book a secret and Sean O'Reilly, Arcana's EIC,was extremely excited to be working with Steve Uy, "Steve is one of thoseunique individuals who is a one man show as he creates, writes and does hisown art. I read Feather and was simply FLOORED by what he was able toaccomplish. To work with someone of his experience, caliber and ability issimply incredible and something I really do value. Also, Steve has alsoNEVER been late... this a HUGE asset to publishers and was literally the icingon the cake."

Issue #1 of Jova's Harvest will come out in November by Arcana Studios andwill be a 40-page DOUBLE sized issue. The following two single-sized issueswill be released monthly thereafter.

For more on Arcana Studios please visit www.arcanastudios.com

For more on Steve Uy please visit www.steveuy.com

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