Arcana teams with Bill Paxton to publish "Seven Holes of Air"

CBR News has learned that after debuting as a digital graphic novel from Graphicly last year, "Seven Holes of Air" by writer John J. McLaughlin and artist Mick Reinman will be published by Arcana Comics and will make its print debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego this July.

"Holes" started as a screenplay by McLaughlin, who sent it to Bill Paxton ("Hatfields & McCoys," "Big Love," "Aliens"), thinking the actor would be ideal for the lead role. Paxton was committed to other projects but suggested they put it out as a graphic novel. "I loved this story so much," said Paxton at the New York Comic-Con last fall. "I wanted it to be available for everyone."

Paxton brought Reinman to the project, who is the storyboard artist for the "Kung Fu" film adaptation that Paxton is directing and McLaughlin wrote the screenplay for. Since then Paxton has served as "champion" for the project, with his name appearing before the title on the cover.

The story centers on Bob Rourke, "the kind of man they don't make anymore. He's a tough son of a bitch; a fifty-year-old steelworker who smokes, drinks, and never complains, even when he's in pain," the book's description reads. "After a persistent headache sends him to a doctor for the first time in his life, Bob learns he's facing the end. With disease ravaging his body, Bob soldiers on at home, at work and in an alternate Spaghetti Western reality in which his real-life antagonists become actual villains."

Paxton will make an appearance with some of the creative team at 2 p.m. Thursday, July 18 to sign copies of the book at the Arcana Booth.

Thanks to El Mayimbe from Latino Review for the tip!

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