"Araña" #2 Features Powerful New Nemesis

Official Press Release

Marvel Next ongoing series ARAÑA: THE HEART OF THE SPIDER is kicking into overdrive, with the hero's life taking a rollercoaster turn starting with issue #2.

A scrappy teen by day, and Hunter for a mystical society by night, Araña must fight ancient enemies disturbing the peace of the world…and that threat's about to hit way too close to home when she faces a dangerous new super villain in the last place she'd expect: High-School!

The first breakout super-villain in her expanding rogues' gallery, Amun is an assassin with a dark goth edge and mysterious powers endowed by the Egyptian Gods…but he's also the new transfer student in school. How do you keep your identity secret, when the boy trying to kill you sits next to you in History?! Will they face off at night in a no-holds barred magical smack-down, or during dodgeball in Gym class?

Araña's presence in the Marvel Universe will be expanding in the months to come. She'll be receiving some help in the near future from a certain friendly neighborhood web-slinger, and fans should also keep an eye on NEW AVENGERS and SPIDER-GIRL for some special Araña appearances. Her own monthly ongoing series is written by Fiona Avery (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), and penciled by Roger Cruz (UNCANNY X-MEN, GENERATION X).

Introduced in the pages of AMAZING FANTASY, high-school student Anya Corazon gained extraordinary spider-like powers…becoming Araña, the Hunter for an ancient society, and Marvel's newest female hero.

Retailers have until February 10th, 2005 to place orders for issue #2, with the issue on sale March 2nd.


Written by FIONA AVERY

Penciled by ROGER CRUZ



32 PGS. / Marvel PSR …$2.99

Pages 8 & 9Issue #2,

Page 10Issue #1,

Page 22Issue #4Issue #5

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