"Aquaman's" Other League Gains the Mysterious Ya'wara

The hits keep coming from DC Comics for members of The Others, a super powered team introduced earlier this week by "Aquaman" writer Geoff Johns as having a mysterious connection to Aquaman's past. "Aquaman" #7 kicks off a new story arc appropriately entitled "The Others" and this week has seen the gradual introduction of the team's roster. Monday revealed the group's moral compass, the precognitive Kahina the Seer. Tuesday, readers were introduced to the faceless soldier survivalist Prisoner-Of-War. Wednesday saw the introduction of the deadly and connected Operative. Yesterday, cosmonaut Vostok-X took center stage. Today, Johns wrapped the week with the revelation of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's designs for the enigmatic and mysterious Ya'wara.

"There isn't much we want to say yet about Ya'wara," Johns told DC's official blog. "She is a member of the Tapirape, an indigenous tribe of Brazil living in deep in the Amazon rainforest, she has a jaguar, she has a unique power and she has a connection with Aquaman that isn't going to make Mera very happy."

Ya'wara is the only member of The Others so far to show her whole face. Vostok-X, the Operative and Prisoner-Of-War all wear full face masks while Kahina the Seer was designed wearing a burqa.

Until now, Johns has been cagey about letting on any additional details about The Others, but after introducing Ya'wara, he teased the events of the upcoming "Aquaman" arc.

"There's much more to learn about the Others in our upcoming Aquaman arc -- what binds them together and what forces them to undertake one final mission -- and what revelations we'll reveal about Aquaman through these reluctant heroes," he said. "Plus, we haven't even talked villains yet...keep your eyes peeled for more."

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