Aquaman Vs Namor: Who Is Really the Stronger Hero?

Both Aquaman and Namor are the rulers of Atlantis in their respective universes. In a constant battle of DC vs Marvel, these two characters are often brought up, thanks to their many similarities. However, there are still some pretty drastic differences between the two; differences that give them certain advantages that the other lacks.

Regardless, with so many similarities still existing between the two, fans have a lot of fun debating who the more powerful one is. To look at a few specific factors between the two, here is our contribution to the argument on Aquaman v Namor and who the stronger hero really is.

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11 Enemy Power Level: Namor

Both individuals have battled and incredible number of adversaries over the years. One of the biggest differences between them though, is that Aquaman tends to fight his own, specific foes, while Namor tends to battle it out with general Marvel characters.

Namor’s anti hero personality and motivations have put him against the likes of the Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four almost as often as he teams up with them. However, since Namor has defended himself from the likes of each of those teams, it goes to show that he has faced some far greater and more powerful opponents than Aquaman has.

10 Main Inherent Power: Namor

Namor is actually unique in more ways than one. Firstly, he is half human and half Atlantean. Much like Aquaman, this gives Namor an abundance of unique abilities. However, Namor also has a unique mutation that allows him to fly above the surface and making him Marvel’s first mutant (in regards to his debut). Therefore, Namor not only possesses Atlantean DNA, but Mutant DNA as well. As a result, the combined efforts of his genetic makeup alone give him certain advantages that Aquaman simply just lacks, giving Namor a definite advantage in this regard.

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9 Main External Power: Namor


Once again, due to Namor’s genetic makeup, he possesses far more external abilities than Aquaman as well. Granted, there are certain drawbacks to each character. For example, Aquaman can manipulate sea life and water in ways that Namor can’t. However, namors ability to fly also proves to be highly beneficial for both above and below surface problems. Though the two are pretty evenly matched on an external scale, Namor’s mutation gives him a slightly more useful and practical advantage over Aquaman.

8 Allies: Namor

Considering how often Namor is at odds with other characters in the Marvel Universe, it is difficult to gauge how he would fare in this regard. Assuming Namor were to assemble the Avengers, X-Men, and more groups that he has belonged to over the years, he would undoubtedly have an advantage over Aquaman.

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Granted, Aquaman would have the full force of the Justice League at his side, a team who could easily handle the Avengers alone. With the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Illuminati at Namor’s aide however, there is no question that Namor would have the advantage. Once again though, Namor would have to successfully manage to convince every team to join him, despite the tensions he has with certain individual members.

7 Experience: Aquaman

As time has shown, Aquaman has grown to be the far more popular character between the two. As a result, Aquaman has been featured in far more stories than Namor has, especially in recent years. Though Namor did come before Aquaman, Aquaman has established a far greater presence within the DC Universe than Namor has had in a long time. This advantage of Aquaman’s has taken him across space and time, presented him with incredible challenges, and given him much more experience all around.

6 Personality: Aquaman

While Aquaman may have a slight advantage with experience on his side, he also has the better personality. To put it simply, Aquaman is a much easier character to root for. Though he has been shown to kill in the past, Aquaman avoids death as often as possible and is constantly juggling his responsibilities as King of Atlantis and as a Justice League member.

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Namor, on the other hand, is very clearly the villain at times, especially in how he approaches his relationship with Sue Storm. Furthermore, Namor has done some outright selfish decisions, even ruling Atlantis as a tyrant for a time. While his personality could be used to argue for him being a more compelling character, Aquaman’s personality helps him fall closer to that of a traditional superhero, rather than an occasional antagonist.

5 Strength: Tie

Neither character is particularly stronger than the other. Both of them do possess an incredible amount of strength, but neither is anywhere near the strongest person in their respective universes. Each has demonstrated well above average strength though, being able to life several tons with incredible ease. However, Aquaman is nowhere near the likes of Superman, and Namor is nowhere near someone like the Hulk. Since there is no accurate measurement as to precisely how much the two can lift, this round results in a tie.

4 Equipment: Aquaman

Both publishers have a fairly similar depiction of Atlantis. However, DC puts much more emphasis on the cultural aspects of the city, adding a whole new sense of magic and lore. Furthermore, Aquaman’s famous trident is one of several key magical artifacts from Atlantean history, giving him amplified abilities and even additional ones.

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Namor, on the other hand, doesn’t possess any magical equipment, or even any equipment. While he has been seen with a trident many times in the past, that is typically the only weapon he’ll use. Likewise, Namor’s tridents don’t possess and magical properties, only aiding him in combat. Because of this, Aquaman takes the victory in regards to equipment.

3 Durability: Tie

Like their strength, both characters are also able to take a similar amount of damage. Once again, there is no accurate way to judge just how much damage each can take before collapsing. In support of the tie, both characters can obviously withstand the incredible pressure of the sea without any assistance or equipment. Likewise, each has demonstrated a very similar amount of stamina, with both battling incredibly long times without growing tired. Therefore, both character’s durability is incredibly close, ultimately resulting in a tie.

2 Biggest Feat: Namor

For all the things that each hero has accomplished, Namor definitely has the bigger feat. During the popular Avengers vs X-Men story, Namor, who had sided with the X-Men in the conflict, flooded and nearly destroyed all of Wakanda.

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For comparison, Namor nearly wiped out the most technologically advanced nation on the planet in an instant. While Aquaman has certainly come close to this feat at times, his moral compass or some other factor often seems to get in the way. Therefore, though it is a devastating action, Namor has still had a greater impact within his respective universe than Aquaman.

1 Winner: Namor

Thanks to his anti hero personality, Namor has proven to be the stronger opponent. His mutant factor, especially when combined with his personality, have made him an incredibly formidable opponent over the years. If he wanted to, Namor could easily establish himself as one of Marvel’s biggest bads.

Though Aquaman still has a lot to offer, he certainly battles with his humanity a lot more than Namor does. Because of this, Aquaman is often conflicted with many of his decisions, though he will always do the right thing. Should Aquaman take a turn down a similar path as Namor, there may be more to reevaluate. For the time being, however, Namor is the definitive king of the seven seas.

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