Aquaman Takes on The Others in Reis and Prado's "Aquaman" #8 Cover

Geoff Johns' new "The Others" story arc is set to begin when "Aquaman" #7 hits stores tomorrow, but DC Comics is already preparing readers for what comes next. Via its blog, The Source, the publisher has released a first look at the cover for "Aquaman" #8 by series artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado featuring Aquaman in a knock-down, drag out brawl against the full roster of The Others, a super powered team with a connection to Aquaman's past. Team members include precog Kahina the Seer, the faceless Prisoner-Of-War, black-ops-ready Operative, enhanced ex-cosmonaut Vostok-X and the mysterious Ya'wara.

"Aquaman vs. The Others! Ya'wara, the Operative, Vostok-X, P.O.W. -- if these are allies from Aquaman's past, why is the Sea King in such terrible danger?" series editor Pat McCallum told The Source. "It's a pivotal chapter in the story that will shatter Aquaman's world!"

Earlier this month, series writer Geoff Johns teased events to come in "Aquaman" as "The Others" story arc progresses. "There's much more to learn about the Others in our upcoming Aquaman arc -- what binds them together and what forces them to undertake one final mission -- and what revelations we'll reveal about Aquaman through these reluctant heroes," Johns told The Source "Plus, we haven't even talked villains yet...keep your eyes peeled for more."

More information will undoubtedly come to light with the March 28 release of "Aquaman" #7 written by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

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