Aquaman: Breaking Down the Mesmerizing SDCC Trailer

Take a deep breath... the Aquaman trailer is here.

The moment DC fans have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Warner Bros. took Comic-Con International's Hall H by storm with a massive movie panel that showcased the studios' biggest upcoming movies. While fans got a taste of many DC Extended Univers movies such as Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam!, what everyone couldn't wait to get their hands on was the first footage of James Wan's Aquaman. Well, the trailer has finally dropped, and now fans are free to go over it as much as they want while they await the film's December release.

There was a ton of anticipation surrounding the film's first trailer and Warner Bros. didn't disappoint. The trailer showcased the stunning underwater CGI elements of the film, while teasing an epic story of brothers, kings and honor. The Justice League film didn't go into much details when it came to Arthur Curry's Atlantean heritage, but now we can clearly see that all of the classic beats from the comics are here.

Here's a complete rundown of everything we've learned from the Aquaman trailer.

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Young Arthur Curry

The trailer starts by going right into the origin of Arthur Curry. Aquaman can be heard talking about love over shots of his father, a lighthouse keeper, rescuing his Atlantean mother, Queen Atlanna. The two characters quickly fall in love and, from that union is born young Arthur Curry. Next, we see the character at a young age, getting bullied while out on a field trip at an aquarium. While the two bullies joke that Arthur is "talking to the fish," they have no idea how right they truly are; seeing Arthur's state of upset, shark smacks his head into the glass, cracking it.

From then on, everyone in attendance can see that all of the fish in the aquarium, the big and the small, answer to Arthur. Thus, the Aquaman's power appears to be born out of distress, and with a simple shot, the trailer proves that talking to fish is by no means a useless superpower.

Welcome To Atlantis

After Mera comes to the surface world to find Arthur, a warning of things to come and a "the worst pep talk ever" are enough to convince Arthur to head home -- and that's when we catch a glimpse of Atlantis in its full glory. Justice League had given us a glimpse of the underwater kingdom, but it appears what little we saw of it was not a just representation of its actual scope.

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When Atlantis finally comes into full view, it appears as a breathtaking kingdom filled with life and color. Its structures are alien in all the right ways -- it's exactly what you'd expect a highly-advanced and ancient civilization that lives underwater to create. Its vessels are futuristic, like the city istelf, and they look like they belong in a sci-fi epic. The submerged kingdom's structures are bright and luminescent, filled with life and technology that hovers between science and magic. Its inhabitants, from the men to the Fisherman King, show that the city is a hub for different races.

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