Aquaman Makes Waves Among Critics in Early Social Media Buzz


While James Wan's Aquaman is still a few weeks out from its theatrical release, early social media reactions to the film are starting to pour in from critics, with the general consensus that the film is a fun and wild ride, with many praising Jason Momoa's performance and Wan's direction.

Aquaman will see the return of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry as he finds himself caught in a battle between the Atlanteans, led by his half-brother, Orm, and the surface world. The final cut of the film was screened for critics earlier this month, and while the film remains under a review embargo in the lead-up to its Dec. 21 release, critics have started posting their initial reactions to the film on Twitter.

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Here is a selection of what critics are saying about Aquaman on Twitter.

Andrew Dyce, Screen Rant: "Aquaman is a breathtakingly beautiful, weird, badass, FUN idea of a modern superhero fantasy (anime) and makes zero apologies. Second half's one cheer/laugh after another. Imagine '80s Schwarzenegger starring in "Hideo Kojima's AVATAR" and you're most of the way there. #Aquaman. Forever grateful to Wan and Snyder that this is the #Aquaman we get to have in movies. This is DC's blockbuster #Venom."

Umberto Gonzalez, TheWrap: "#Aquaman is AWESOME & absolutely delivers! Not only is @prideofgyypsies the King of Atlantis, but also the newly crowned King of the DCEU! 🔱👑 I can't wait to see it again!"

Germain Lussier, iO9: "Aquaman is a big, fun, wild ride. It’s unabashedly melodramatic and over the top with the largest, most ambitious sense of scale imaginable. Parts of it are kind of bad but they are not the majority and, oddly, still fit in with the cartoony tone. 2nd best DCU movie. YEEEAAHH!

Peter Sciretta, /Film: "🔱 #Aquaman is better than expected. Feels like a Marvel phase one movie, in a good way. It’s at its best when it’s having fun and not taking itself too seriously. Black Manta is great villain that comic book fans will love. Some truly spectacular one shots and good action."

Brandon Davis, ComicBook.com: "#Aquaman is great. James Wan made a really unique super hero origin film, often crossing into fantasy-epic territory, but grounded in family and discovery. The world is visually incredible. Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry is a total bad-ass. @yahya and @patrickwilson73 stand out!"

Erik Davis, Fandango: "#Aquaman is the most ambitious DC movie to date -- a big, sprawling visual spectacle that is gorgeous, crazy, stuffed with terrific action, and a lot of fun to watch. James Wan, in my opinion, is the true star - he elevates the material, makes it entertaining and conquers it."

Mike Cecchini, DenOfGeek: "#Aquaman is pretty wild. It leans hard into its '80s fantasy/adventure movie vibe far more than superhero elements, and it works. It's another step in the right direction for the DCEU and shows how different/distinct the tones of these movies can be while still existing together."

Paul Shirey, JoBlo.com: "Short & sweet reaction to #Aquaman is that I loved it. It’s a comic book movie through & through with great action, iconic moments & visual spectacle to spare. Momoa makes the character his own & Wan honors the traditional aspects, but elevates it to the modern era. It’s a blast."

Meg Downey: "#Aquaman is a buckwild movie which is honestly both good and bad in (almost) equal measure. If nothing else, it looks great and it's completely unafraid to just go for it, which I appreciate in it."

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Hitting theaters on Dec. 21, director James Wan's Aquaman stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry and Dolph Lundgren as Nereus.

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